10pcs small parrot bird toy


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★REDUCES BIRDS AGGRESSION & SOLITUDE — The bright colors and the bell can easily attract your pets. ★BRIGHT LOVE BIRDS AND COLORFUL TOYS — Parrots are visually very responsive. Bright colors attract them. They tend to explore more when they see vibrant colors that keep them mentally stimulated. Since birds like to play like children, they are always looking to do something rather than just sit around their cage
★EDIBLE, SAFE Chewing — All types of animal birds like to peck and chew. The parrot toys are made of natural environment wood and dyed by edible pigments, safe and durable. Your pet bird can play them without doubts and ensure their little teeth a healthy growth.

Product Name: 10 Piece Parrot Toy
Product Material: Wood
Product Weight: 345g
Package size: 27 × 24 × 6cm


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