Hutch cage for rodent


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This magnificent hutch is particularly practical and functional. Your rabbits or other rodents will be able to benefit from a secure enclosed space with a large sheltered play area and a multi-equipped shelter upstairs (dejection drawer, access window hatch for light, ventilation and care , .

Offer a large living space for the greatest comfort of your rabbits
Numerous equipment for more functionality: 2 levels (ground and hutch floor), play area, access ramp, 3 doors with lock, etc…
Sliding waste drawer with zinc coating to facilitate the maintenance of your hutch for the well-being of your animals
All tarred roofs for more impermeability and better protection against birds, insects, etc.
Fence and mesh doors to allow your animals to benefit from satisfactory ventilation and to facilitate their supervision
Design and manufacture with quality materials for the well-being and development of your animals


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