Maine Coon cat tree


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Do you have one or more Maine Coons at home and are you looking for the perfect cat tree?

accessory has all the elements your giant cat needs such as:

3 hiding places of different sizes for stress regulation.
A play area with a ball for relaxation.
A cozy hammock ideal for naps.
2 perches for rest and observation.
10 scratching areas at several heights for scratching (marking, claw file, etc.).
In sturdy sisal and fleece fiber, the Maine Coon cat tree, giant, XXL, Catarina will perfectly meet the needs of your big cat.

Maine Coon cat tree, giant, XXL, Catarina
Made of plush and jute-like polyester fleece
A large padded basket with high rim
Sisal scratching area
cozy hammock
With hand washable reversible cushion
Anti-stress hiding place
Spacious and soft base
Claw file aid
Ensures muscle relaxation
Restorative sleep
Daily well-being
Long service life
White colour


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